Critical Thinking through Writing (CTW) Ambassadors are faculty leaders chosen by department chairs to represent their respective degree majors for the implementation of CTW Initiative.

In the 2010/2011 AY, the CTW initiative funded 59 CTW Ambassadors, at least one ambassador from every department, at a rate of $2,500 per year, for a total of $147,500.

In cases where a department was particularly large or diverse as to require additional support, departments could appoint more than one CTW Ambassador.

The following are the Ambassador’s roles and responsibilities:

  • Attend University-level Workshops offered by CTW coordinators
  • With input of department and or chair, identify courses to be designated CTW and assure that CTW component of course is identified in all syllabi and in the CTW assignments
  • If assigned by department chair, submit course materials for CTW approval through the General Education Sub-committee approval process
  • With input & consultation with department chair, identify instructors teaching CTW courses
  • With input from dept and or chair, develop an assessment and reporting plan for CTW initiative
  • With input from department and/or chair, assure that a person responsible for assessment of CTW is identified
  • With input from department and/or chair, prepare faculty for CTW instruction and assessment
  • Assure that department plan specifies how the CTW component will be assessed and reported
  • With input from chair, assure that the courses are taught  regularly and appropriately staffed
  • Assure that the faculty assess the CTW courses and develop an action plan
  • Provide feedback to the University regarding the practice of CTW in department/majors.
  • Prepare annual CTW report (including the requested assessment information) and submit it to General Education Sub-committee (now the Undergraduate Assessment Committee or UAC). In some departments this assessment report may be prepared by the assessment coordinator for that department and not by the CTW Ambassador.

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