The CTW initiative works in conjunction with two committees to approve or modify new CTW courses and to review CTW Assessment reports.

CTW Leadership Team

The CTW Leadership team is comprised of faculty member from across the university.  The Leadership team is responsible for reviewing new CTW courses and sending them to the Undergraduate Assessment Committee for final approval.  The CTW Leadership team also works with the CTW directors to set CTW policy and address issues related to the implementation of CTW.

Leadership Team members:

William Bogner, Associate Professor, Managerial Sciences and Undergraduate Assessment Committee Member

David Cheshier, Chair, Communication

Eric Friginal, Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics

Jennifer Lawrence, Associate Director Critical Thinking through Writing

Teri Peitso-Holbrook, Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education

Therese Poole, Senior Lecturer, Biology

George Pullman, Director, Center for Instructional Innovation and CTW

George Rainbolt, President of University Senate and Chair, Philosophy

Marti Singer, Director Academic Assessment

Brian Thoms: Associate Professor, Physics and Undergraduate Assessment Committee Member

Undergraduate Assessment Committee

The Undergraduate Assessment Committee (UAC) is responsible for reviewing the annual CTW Reports and approving all CTW course changes.

UAC Members:

Chris Goode, Psychology: Co-chair

Jennifer Lawrence, CTW: Co-chair

Jaye Atkinson, Communication

Chip Barksdale, Marketing

Doyle Barrow, Chemistry

Bill Bogner, Managerial Sciences

Sarita Davis, African American Studies

Mary Deming, Middle Childhood Education

Shelby Frost, Economics

Bob Howard, Political Science

Paul Kagundu, Economics

Spencer Middleton, AYPS

David Nasser, Marketing

Murugi Ndirangu, Nutrition

Milind Shikhande, Finance

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