Critical Thinking Through Writing (CTW)

Welcome to the CTW information site.

Effective for students entering fall term 2009 and thereafter, all students seeking baccalaureate degrees are required to pass two Critical Thinking through Writing (CTW) courses in their majors. Students should consult the section of this Catalog that describes their major for its CTW requirements. CTW classes are unique to Georgia State University, and therefore students cannot transfer equivalent credit from other universities.

In the 2011/2012 Academic Year, GSU offered 661 sections of 121 CTW approved courses which enrolled 10,762 students. These courses were instructed by 242 CTW trained faculty members and assisted by 98 graduate student writing tutors.  The program offered 16 CTW workshops for our 56 departmental representatives and the CTW instructors and 3 days of workshops for graduate student consultants working with the CTW courses.

For more information on CTW, please contact Jennifer Lawrence at jlawrence3@gsu.edu or at

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