The Critical Thinking through Writing initiative promotes formative assessment across the university, both in the classroom and at the departmental level. As such, the CTW initiative encourages CTW faculty and CTW Ambassadors to use embedded assessment as a tool for improving student understanding and undergraduate pedagogy, rather than as a mere appraisal of what takes place in the classroom. CTW initiatives across the university have developed discipline-specific rubrics to promote student understanding of course expectations and departmental response to student abilities and needs.

Each year, CTW Ambassadors collect evidence of student work in CTW courses and submit their findings in annual departmental reports. These reports are reviewed by the Undergraduate Assessment Committee and returned to departments with recommendations. See the links under the Assessment tab for information on CTW Report Requirements, CTW Reports, and the CTW Program Review.

Upcoming Events

all-day Creating Online Instructional Co...
Creating Online Instructional Co...
Oct 12 – Oct 26 all-day
In this course, we’ll discuss how to find, adapt, and create well-designed content that will engage students in online and hybrid courses. We’ll outline fundamental design principles and suggest tools and techniques that we think… more »
all-day Assessment: Evaluating and Encou...
Assessment: Evaluating and Encou...
Oct 26 – Nov 9 all-day
Well-designed assessments can be used to evaluate, engage, and challenge your students in all sorts of ways. In this online faculty mini-course, we’ll consider best practices in quizzing, formative and authentic assessment, problem-based learning, and other… more »
all-day Hosting Class Sessions in a Virt...
Hosting Class Sessions in a Virt...
Oct 26 – Nov 9 all-day
Virtual class sessions can be just as engaging as face-to-face classes. This course will provide tips, tricks, and best practices connected to hosting dynamic and productive virtual class environments. Our online faculty mini-courses are two-week… more »
all-day Virtual Collaboration and Commun...
Virtual Collaboration and Commun...
Nov 9 – Nov 23 all-day
Do you like to promote rich conversations in your face-to-face class or have students engage in collaborative problem solving? Do you worry that taking your class online means sacrificing these fruitful interactions? Good news! It… more »

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