CTW Designation Faculty and Consultants

CTW Designation Faculty and Consultants

CTW Faculty

CTW Designated Faculty are trained by CTW Ambassadors to teach Critical Thinking through Writing courses.  Last year, 251 CTW trained faculty members taught 544 sections of CTW courses which enrolled more than 9700 students.  CTW Faculty members are responsible for assessing the CTW courses and providing their assessment data to the CTW Ambassadors.  They may also work with CTW consultants throughout the semester.

CTW Consultants

The CTW consultants work with their respective courses as discipline-specific tutors.  Consultants must be graduate students studying within the discipline to which they are assigned.  The CTW Initiative funded 96 graduate student CTW consultants at $2,000 per position per semester during the 2010/2011 academic year.  Courses were required to have an enrollment exceeding a 25/1 student-to-instructor ratio for each consultant position.  96 CTW courses received funding for CTW consultants, and all tolled, CTW consultants were paid $216,000 by the university for their services in CTW courses.
The following are the CTW Consultant€™s responsibilities:
  • Help students with drafts of CTW assignments, providing feedback and helping students learn to think critically about the material in the course
  • Meet with students to discuss course content knowledge
  • Work to improve student critical thinking skills within the discipline, helping them learn to think like a member of the discipline
  • Work an average of 8 hours per week with their course
  • Attend at least one class meeting and may be expected to attend more
  • Familiarize themselves with course materials
  • Serve as tutors (not be expected or asked to grade or teach)

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