CTW Program Review

CTW Annual Reports

The Directors will report their findings from both the Ambassador reports and the indirect data to the CTW Leadership team for approval and share the report with the CTW Ambassadors and the GSU community at large. See links below for the CTW Annual Reports.

QEP 5th Year Report 2012/2013 (pdf)

CTW Report 2011/2012 (pdf)

CTW Report 2010/2011 (pdf)

CTW Report 2009/2010 (pdf)

CTW Annual Report 2008/2009 (pilots report) (pdf)

CTW Assessment Reports

Critical Thinking through Writing Ambassadors submit annual reports to the Critical Thinking through Writing office. These reports are then reviewed by UAC and the CTW Directors. See below for links the the CTW Assessment Reports compliled by the Director of Academic Assessment and the Undergraduate Assessment Committee.

CTW Assessment Report 2010/2011 (pdf)

CTW Assessment Report 2009/2010 (pdf)

CTW Assessment Report 2008/2009 (pdf)

CTW Surveys

In addition to the departmental reports, the Critical Thinking through Writing office is also gathering indirect assessment data of the CTW program’s efficiency by surveying attitudes of CTW faculty, consultants, and students. See links to the surveys below.

CTW Faculty Survey

CTW Student Survey

CTW Consultant Survey

Online Writing Environment Faculty Survey

Online Writing Environment Student Survey


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