The CTW initiative is broadly based and owes its success to the work of a highly dedicated group of faculty members €”Ambassadors €”who work within their individual major programs to develop and maintain the initiative at the departmental level.  It is also guided by a leadership team that works to set policy and monitor progress.  On a daily basis, the CTW initiative is monitored, promoted and guided by Director George Pullman and Associate Director Jennifer Lawrence.  The directors of the CTW initiative are responsible for

  • Ambassador training and faculty development and support
  • Consultant support and training
  • Student, faculty, and consultant surveys
  • Technology development
  • University relations
  • Record keeping
  • Budget
  • Reporting CTW progress to the larger community

The CTW office is currently located in 929 GCB.  We also have a collaboration space in 423 Aderhold which we share with the Writing Across the Curriculum Program and use for training sessions and research.

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