Digital Champions

Digital Champions – 2016

This year’s Digital Champion Fellowships have been awarded to faculty committed to working with the CII to complete projects connected to the following initiatives:

  • Lowering textbook costs through the use of Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Using or developing adaptive e-courseware to improve student outcomes
  • Developing fully online courses

2016 Digital Champions

  • Microeconomics and Macroeconomics OER and Adaptive Resource Development
    Shelby Frost, Grace O
    ECON 2105 & 2106
  • Online Political Science MA Program for Civics Educators
    Charles Hankla, Sarah Gershon, and Carrie Manning
    Research Design and Applied Data Analysis, Campaigns and Elections, and Comparative Politics
  • OER Interactive Biological Specimen Scans
    Carmen Eilertson
    Biol 3850/7850, Biol 4930/6930, and Biol 4685/6685
  • Online Psychology Course and Adaptive Learning Modules
    Kim Darnell
    PSYC 3530
  • Online Race and Ethnic Relations Course
    James Ainsworth
    SOCI 3212
  • Online Introduction to Criminology Course and OER Development
    Scott Jacques
  • Media Entrepreneurship Course and Creativity OER Development
    Elizabeth Strickler
  • Interdisciplinary Research Methods Modules
    Led by James Ainsworth, Kim Darnell, and Charles Hankla

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