Student Opportunities

Student Innovation Fellowship Program

The Student Innovation Fellowship (SIF) Program connects students with instructors and researchers in order to develop innovative solutions to pedagogical and research challenges. Funded by the Student Technology Fee, students are paid to explore, develop expertise and share ideas around emerging technologies, ideas and projects.  The SIF Program is a partnership among the CII, CURVE, and the Center for Instructional Effectiveness (CIE).

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(Re)present Digital Scholarship Competition

Modern information and communications technologies offer opportunities to not only consume information but also participate actively in global, evolving, and collective information ecosystems. To engage fruitfully in such spaces, participants must be able to express, challenge, and justify ideas through a variety of media. This competition, coordinated by the CII and the University Library, challenges students to develop these skills by (re)presenting ideas developed at Georgia State, translating what they know into engaging, powerful, border-crossing, and thought-provoking multimedia.

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