Instructional Design Consultation

The CII is a one-stop shop for Georgia State faculty seeking instructional design support, project consulting, and equipment for checkout.  Connected to these services, the CII can customize any of its seminars or workshops to fit the particular needs of departments or degree-credit classes.  Let’s bounce around some ideas!


Instructional Design and Project Consulting

The CII’s team of pedagogical problem solvers is ready to work with you to find innovative ways to help your students learn. We specialize in finding technology-enabled ways to deepen engagement with course content. If you’ve got a teaching challenge you’d like to solve, are interested in exploring ways to integrate technology into your course, or are ready to take your teaching to the edge of what’s possible, request a consultation with a CII instructional designer.
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Course Content and eText Creation

The CII can assist you in adapting your course content in new ways, including creating online courses and eTexts.
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Custom Workshops

The CII can tailor any of its seminars, innovative instructor workshops, or technology training classes to fit the particular needs of your group. We can also direct you to helpful online resources.
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