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To make way for exciting upgrades to our faculty and staff checkout inventory, we are temporarily suspending item checkout.EquipmentCheckout This time will allow us to upgrade to a new checkout system, revise our policies and procedures, and process incoming inventory. Checkout will resume as soon as possible. We sincerely appreciate your patience. During this time, you are still welcome to reserve the Exchange’s recording studio. To set up a recording studio appointment, email the Exchange at or call (404) 413-4700.

*** If you are an instructor seeking to check out a class set of iPads for yourself and your students, please send an email to the Digital Aquarium coordinator, Tyler Moss ( In your message, please include your name, affiliation (FLC / GSU 1010 / CTW, etc.), course name and number, number of students, and a class roster with student IDs.***

Here is is just a sampling of items that will soon be available for faculty checkout:

  • 15″ Macbook Pros loaded with eLearning software (running both Windows and OSX)
  • Wacom drawing tablets, to let you run virtual office hours and create Khan Academy-style videos
  • Snowball USB microphones
  • Canon DSLR cameras
  • Sony 4K video cameras
  • Canon high definition camcorders
  • Lighting kits, tripods, and green screens
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets
  • iPad Airs
  • Padcaster iPad video kits
  • GoPro cameras and accessories
  • Zoom H4N audio recorders
  • Livescribe Sky recording pens
  • Optoma 3D DLP projectors

Staff checkout items will include:

  • 13″ Macbook Pros (running both Windows and OSX)
  • iPads
  • Pico projectors

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