Faculty Book Club

Insight comes from without. That’s why a great book recommendation is one of the greatest gifts you can give somebody, that and the chance to share the reading experience with others.

The book club is an informal network of people sharing books with each other and getting together for a couple of hours each semester to discuss one book in particular. If you come across a book of potential general interest, share the title with the Center and we’ll share it with others. You can provide reviews and summaries here so that others can decide if they want to read it and when we get enough people (10 ) inspired to read a book collectively, we’ll set a time and date for the conversation. And we’ll make the coffee.   To join email Harry Dangel at hdangel@gsu.edu.

Read reviews of books we’ve come across so far.

Suggest a book.

Write a review so others can decide if they want to read it with you.

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