Each year, CTW Ambassadors post their departmental CTW reports in the WEAVE system.  These reports include the following information:

  1. Departmental Critical Thinking Definition/Mission Statement
  2. CTW Goals
  3. Outcomes for CTW courses
  4. CTW Measures
  5. Findings/Results of student learning in CTW courses
  6. Action Plans for improvement of CTW courses
  7. Analysis and Reflections on the CTW courses in their discipline

These reports are reviewed by the Undergraduate Assessment Committee, which provides departments with feedback to help them improve future assessment reports.

CTW Annual Reports will be due on June 1st, 2012 in WEAVE online.

If you need your WEAVE ID and password, or if you would like to view your department’s CTW Assessment Report in WEAVE, please contact Jennifer Lawrence at 404-413-5878 or at

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