Sample Department Plans

As part of the Critical Thinking through Writing Template, majors are asked to provide a description of their respective CTW implementation plans. The following plans are examples of good submissions.

School of Nursing

The Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing department has identified Kathy Plitnick as the CTW Ambassador and CTW Assessment coordinator. The CTW courses identified for the school are NURS 2080 – Basic Concepts of Nursing Care and NURS 4600 – Leadership and Management in Nursing. Both of these courses fall into area G of the Undergraduate program. Critical Thinking is defined by the School of Nursing as “a process of reflective and cognitive thought that involves systematic, rational, and creative thinking. Critical thinking leads to the formation of conclusions and appropriate alternatives in the process of clinical decision making.”

Religious Studies

Religious Studies sub-discipline. Religion 4750 will help students write longer research papers. Because many of our majors propose and complete honors theses, the CTW sequence will help students develop the thinking and critical writing skills they will need to complete successfully their thesis projects.

Critical thinking in our discipline involves carefully analyzing religious phenomena in their different contexts, developing valid interpretations of these phenomena, and communicating these interpretations persuasively in writing. Both of our CTW classes are designed with these goals in mind. They will involve reading challenging primary texts; analyzing these texts, other arguments and theories in class; and discussing course material in seminar-style settings. Faculty members will emphasize “low-stakes,” short writing assignments in order to build key competencies such as close reading, summarizing texts, evaluating evidence, and constructing and evaluating arguments. At least one assignment in each course will require students to revise written work previously submitted to the instructor. Longer writing assignments, in which students will be required to use skills learned in shorter tasks, also will be required. Since all upper-level Religious Studies courses require significant writing and since many of our majors go to top graduate programs, the goal of our CTW program will be to hone skills introduced in other courses, generate active discussions about critical thinking and writing and help students apply their skills directly to theories and questions central to the discipline.

The CTW Proposal Template

All plans and proposals must be submitted to the CTW Proposal Template. Click here for a list of the information that Ambassadors will need to provide in the template.

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