Teaching with Edublogs

Edublogs is a WordPress-based blogging and website creation service that offers Georgia State faculty, staff, and students a free and easy way for students to share text-based and multimedia content online. This seminar will explore ways that faculty can integrate student blogs and websites into their syllabus to deepen student engagement with course content, encourage collaboration, and provide a means online student assessment. We will also explore how you can apply gamification principles to encourage student blogging through the ClassBadges integration.

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Prerequisites: None
Email the Center for Instructional Innovation: cii@gsu.edu

Workshop Registration
If there are no sessions listed below, then this class will not be offered again this semester. However, instructional designers at the CII will be happy to sit down with you to chat about how strategies or tools discussed in this workshop might best be integrated into your classroom. To set up an appointment, email cii@gsu.edu or use our instructional design and project consulting form.

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