Tips for Teaching
Teaching at GSU: This video features Dr. Tim Renick, Senior Associate Provost for Academic Programs discussing the classroom environment at GSU.
First day of class: Video clips of what six of Georgia State’s most effective instructors do on the first day of class.

Commenting on Student Writing: This video provides tips on effective commenting strategies, particularly focusing on higher and lower order writing issues.

Writing Resources to Share with Students

Creating a Research Question: This video provides a student with tips on how to narrow a broad topic into a usable research question.

Search Terms: Sometimes the hardest part of the research process is figuring out how to search for the information you need. The steps in this video can help students come up with a list of search terms to use in their research.

Subject and Verb Agreement: This video provides examples of subject and verb disagreement and how to fix them.

Using Google, Wikipedia, and Google Scholar, and GSU’s Library:  This video teaches students about different online information tools and when and how to use them.

Works Cited Page: The works cited page can be daunting for students who are often asked to write works cited pages in different formatting styles.  This video covers the design of a works cited in MLA format.

Writing Better Emails: Students sometimes struggle with the email form, and it will be a type of writing that they use often in their work lives.  This video offers suggestions for improving writing in the email format.

Writing Project Proposals: This video covers 5 important questions students need to answer when they’re writing project proposal



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