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Innovative Instructor Conversations

innovativeInstructor_fall14-01Are you a Georgia State faculty member who thinks deeply about your teaching practice? If so, we hope that you’ll take part in the CII’s series of Innovative Instructor Conversations. Bringing together faculty, staff, and students from a variety of disciplines, these quick conversations offer opportunities to discuss ideas, tools, and techniques that can enhance or transform your teaching practice.

Hosting Online Office Hours and Tutoring Sessions

Hear Sutandra Sarkar from the GSU Department of Mathematics and Statistics and Trish Nolde from the Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC) share their experiences engaging students in synchronous online environments.

Engaging Students through Peer Review

In this session, hear Georgia State faculty members, Jacobus Boers, Robert Maxwell, and Mike Shapiro, share their wisdom related to the use of peer review strategies and tools in their classrooms.

Learning Spaces as a Teaching Tool

Come and explore GSU’s classroom environments with the team that designs and supports them. The talk will focus on how instructors can use classroom space to deliver different types of activities and use resources within space as effective teaching tools. 

Engaging Students through Blogging Projects

Blogging projects offer means to encourage students to engage with, reflect on, and be inspired by course content while developing crucial digital literacy and online citizenship skills. At this session, Tony Hatch, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Georgia State, will share experiences and lessons learned from his Power and Politics blog project.

What Kinds of Content Can I Use in My Class? Untangling Copyright Rules and Regulations

Knowing exactly what content you and your students can and can’t use in your class can sometimes be confusing. At this session, Gwen Spratt from GSU Legal Affairs will discuss the ins and outs of copyright and fair use in academic settings.

e-Book and e-Text Creation - What's Possible?

Electronic publishing offers the means to deliver highly customizable and interactive content to students in a variety of affordable formats. This seminar will offer an overview of the e-publishing landscape, highlighting possibilities, resources, and the affordances of various tools, devices, and formats.

Teaching and Scholarship: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Faculty can sometimes feel torn between obligations as instructors and pressures to publish and present. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. In this session, Robin Wharton, a faculty member in the GSU Department of English, will share how she approaches connecting innovations in the classroom with more traditional types of scholarship.

Mobile Learning Pedagogies: Tapping the Power of Phones, Tablets, and Apps

Mobile technologies have changed the way that people interact with each other and information in their daily lives. This seminar offers a chance to discuss how to connect what’s happening with mobile devices, apps, and services “in the wild” to what’s happening in your classroom.

Rethinking Accessibility in Online Classes

Making online educational environments accessible requires much more than technical considerations like image alt text and heading markup. As is the case in face-to-face settings, instructors should design their online environments in ways that enable a wide spectrum of contributions from students with diverse backgrounds and abilities. This session provides an opportunity to hear from and discuss related issues with faculty from Georgia State's Center for Leadership in Disability.

Rethinking Textbooks

As digital technologies continue to do a better job of enabling do-it-yourself e-text production and publication, the days of assigning expensive and generic printed textbooks are coming to a close. In this session, Jeff Young and Robert Baker, from the GSU History Department, will share their experiences and wisdom related to engaging in e-text design and DIY media development.

Mapping across the Curriculum

Establishing a sense of place and situating events and ideas in geographically specific contexts is an important pedagogical technique in disciplines ranging from the humanities to the hard sciences. In this session, Brennan Collins, from the GSU Department of English and the Center for Instructional Effectiveness (CIE), and Amber Boll and Nicole Ryerson, from the Student Innovation Fellowship (SIF) Program, will share insights and methods tied to integrating maps and mapping projects into curricula and assessments.

Motivating Students Using Games and Game Mechanics

There are all sorts of ways to apply insights from game designers to the way that you design your course. For example, by doing things like offering repeated opportunities for no/low-stakes failure and leveling up, students are able to receive the kind of formative feedback that motivates rather than judges. In this session, explore ways to use existing and easy-to-use tools to gamify your course.

Building Students’ Digital Discernment Skills

In age of information abundance, it’s important that students are able to not only search for but also judge the quality of online content. In this session, Wendy Swenson Roth and Kelly Grace, from the GSU Robinson College of Business, will share insights and strategies to help students develop these important 21st-century skills.

Getting Your Students Engaged with Data and Data Visualization

The ability to access, analyze, and visualize data are increasingly important and marketable skills across disciplines and industries. This session will explore a variety of ways to use data to spark curiosity, explore questions, and generate discussions. The session will also provide an overview of data sources and data analysis and visualization tools that can be integrated into your teaching practice.

Ed Tech Workshops

classroom_banner-02-300x200-300x200Our hands-on, Ed Tech Workshops are designed to get faculty started with do-it-yourself instructional media creation projects. Come and learn the basics, then check out some equipment or reserve our recording studio to create some engaging e-learning content. If you can’t make one of our scheduled workshops, feel free to email cii@gsu.edu to set up an appointment.

Screen Captures with Camtasia

Faculty interested in recording voiceover PowerPoints, software or process demonstrations, Khan Academy-style videos, or pretty much anything else that happens on screen will be happy to discover how simple the process can be with Camtasia.

Creating Interactive Online Content with Captivate

Captivate is Adobe’s powerful eLearning content production tool. This workshop outlines the steps involved in creating software simulations that require interactivity, such as clicking or typing to advance slides, expose menus, or complete a process. It will also introduce how to integrate multimedia into a Captivate module.

Recording Lectures and Video Podcasts with Panopto

Panopto offers a very simple, user-friendly way to capture a PowerPoint lecture and post it online. This workshop walks through the steps involved in creating digital representations of online lectures.

Creating Infographics

Infographics make information and data come to life by using pictures to make the patterns and themes of your content easier to digest. In this workshop, we’ll chat about infographics design and introduce some tools that help make complex information easier to understand.

GAME JAM!  Let's Build a Game

You don’t have to be a gamer or know a thing about game design to participate. We’ll start from the very beginning, keep it simple, and have some low-tech fun. After we're done building and playing our games, we'll discuss how some of the design elements we used could inform how we organize actual curricula and instruction.

Additional Technology Training

Georgia State faculty, staff, and students can enroll in a wide variety of technology training from the CII for free, as well as take advantage of lynda.com and Skillsoft (eTraining) online learning libraries.

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