Approved WI Courses

African-American Studies

AAS 2010

Introduction to African American Studies

AAS 3120

African Diaspora

AAS 3450

History of African-Americans in Georgia

AAS 3975

Concepts and Theories

AAS 4080

African-American Female Activism

AAS 4125

Black Feminist Thought

AAS 4180

Politics of the Civil Rights Movement

AAS 4230

Religions of the African World

AAS 4600

Enslavement and Resistance in North America

AAS 4620

Enslavement in the Americas

AAS 4950

African-American Popular Culture



Anthropology of Self and Emotion

Qualitative Research Methods

Urban Anthropology

ANTH 3120

African Diaspora

ANTH 4020

Anthropological Theory

ANTH 4111/6111

Anthropology of Self and Emotion

ANTH 4970

Anthropology Senior Seminar

Applied Linguistics and ESL

AL 3041

Second Language Acquisition

Art & Design

ART 4900

Critical Issues in Contemporary Art

ART 4910

History of Photography

Art Education

AE 4200

Elementary Art Education

AE 4300

AE 4900

Art Theory and Criticism in Art Education

AE 4900C

Special Studies Seminar: Orientalism

Art History

AH 4500

Nineteenth Century: Neoclassic

AH 4610

Twentieth Century Art

AH 4750/6750

Women Artists

AH 6500

Nineteenth Century: Neoclassic

AH 6610

Twentieth Century Art


BIOL 2108

Principles of Biology II

BIOL 4180

Neurobiology Laboratory

BIOL 4278


BIOL 4800

Advanced Cell Biology

BIOL 4428

Medical Microbiology

BIOL 4930

Functional Histology

BIOL 6930

Biotechnology and Bioethics

BIOL 8020

Neurobiology II: Integrative Neurobiology


CHEM 4000

Fundamentals of Chemical Analysis

CHEM 4160

Chemistry Laboratory

CHEM 4190

CHEM 4410

Advanced Organic Chemistry

CHEM 8260

Introduction to Forensic Chemistry


COMM 6630

Public Relations Writing

Counseling Center

ACF 1050

Academic Survival Skills

Criminal Justice

CRJU 2010

Proseminar in Criminal Justice

CRJU 4420

Seminar in Criminal Justice (Criminal Typologies)

CRJU 4900

Topics in Criminal Justice: Street Crime


ECON 4350

Economics of Poverty

Education Curriculum and Instruction

EDCI 7560

Theory and Pedagogy in Language Arts and Social Sciences

Educational Psychology

EPY 2050

Human Growth and Development

EPY 7080

Psychology of Learning and the Learner


ENGL 1101

Composition I

ENGL 1102

Composition II

ENGL 2110

World Literature

ENGL 2130

American Literature Survey

ENGL 3120

Electronic Writing and Publishing

ENGL 3190

Language Analysis for Teachers of English

ENGL 3200

Introduction to English Language

ENGL 3220

History of the English Language

ENGL 3610

Victorian Poetry and Prose

ENGL 3700

English Literature, 1900-1945

ENGL 3955

Language in the African American Community

ENGL 4100

Study of a Single Author

ENGL 4320

Senior Seminar and Electronic Writing Portfolio

EPS/Higher Education

EPHE 8340

History of Higher Education


FILM 1010

Film Aesthetics and Analysis

FILM 4170

American Film History I

FILM 4310

Feature Screenwriting I

FILM 4750

Film Theory and Criticism

FILM 4810

Media and Popular Culture

FILM 4960

American Film History II


FI 4020

Financial Analysis and Introduction to Loan Structuring


GEOL 3002

Introduction to Earth Materials

GEOL 3004

Environmental Geology

GEOL 4002

Introduction to Oceanic Environment

GEOL 4004

Optical Mineralogy and Petrology

GEOL 4015

Crystal and Optical Mineralogy

GEOL 4642

Advanced Weather and Climate

GEOL 6002

Introduction to Oceanic Environment

GEOL 6004

Optical Mineralogy and Petrology

GEOL 6015

Crystal and Optical Mineralogy

GEOL 7004

Environmental Geology


GEOG 4762/6762

Economic Geography

Georgia State University

GSU 1010

FLC Anchor Course

FLC Crime: Society’s Response

FLC Writing Aloud: Drawing Voices

GSU 1010 (Criminology)

New Student Orientation (Criminology)

GSU 1010 (Infectious Diseases)

New Student Orientation (Infectious Diseases, Immunity)


HIST 1111

Survey of World History Before 1500

HIST 1112

Survey of World History Since 1500

HIST 2110

United States History
  HIST 3220  
North America to 1800

HIST 3620

Atlantic World History

  HIST 3630 The United States & the World

  HIST 4200 U.S Cultural History

HIST 4220

The American City

HIST 4245

History in the US in the 1960s

HIST 4280

Enslavement and Resistance in North America

HIST 4330

Oral History

  HIST 4400  
History of the American West

  HIST 4460 Bill of Rights

  HIST 4470 Legal & Constitutional History

HIST 4480

Special Topics: Northumbria

HIST 4490

Topics in American History

HIST 4540

Britain, Ireland, and the British Atlantic 1485-1689

  HIST 4575  
German History to 1900

HIST 4580

Modern Germany History since 1900

HIST 4620

European Culture and Ideas

  HIST 4635 European History II: Marx to Postmodernism
  HIST 4640 The Holocaust

HIST 4745

Modern Cuba

HIST 4805

The Middle East and the Americas

HIST 4840

Global Urbanization

  HIST 4845 The Body Politic

HIST 4860


HIST 4890

Topics in World History

HIST 4990

Historical Research Seminar

Institute of Public Health

PH 7011

Issues in Occupational and Environmental Health

PH 7150

Environmental Public Health

Interior Design

ID 4600

History of Interior Design 1

ID 4940

Interior Design Portfolio


JOUR 3030

Reporting II: News Gather/Report

JOUR 3060

Communication Law and Regulation

JOUR 3700

Introduction to Telecommunication

JOUR 4540

Cases and Problems in Public Relations

JOUR 4840

News for Telecommunications II

Kinesiology & Health

KH 3360

Disability Sport and Physical Activity

KH 4600


Legal Studies

LGLS 4490

Real Estate Law

Mathematics and Statistics

MATH 1111

College Algebra

MATH 1113



MGS 4360

Human Resource Selection

Middle/Secondary Education and Instructional Technology


Required Professional Development Seminar for Middle/Secondary Education Majors

Music Appreciation

MUA 1930

Music, Society, and Culture

MUA 1970

Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, Rock and Rap

MUA 3930

Music, Society, and Culture

MUA 3970

Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, Rock and Rap


NUTR 3150

Food Science I

NUTR 4400

Nutrition Intervention II


PERS 2001

Comparative Music Culture: History

Comparative Music Cultures: Carnival in Trinidad 1

Comparative Music Cultures: Ethno-Pop

Perspectives on Comparative Culture

Perspectives on Global Cities

Perspectives on International Drama

PERS 2002

Global Perspectives on Aggression


PHIL 2010

General Questions of Philosophy

PHIL 3000

Mortal Questions: Philosophy and the Meaning of Life

PHIL 3060


PHIL 3730

Business Ethics

PHIL 4800

Social and Political Philosophy

PHIL 4820

International Politics

Political Science

POLS 2401

Global Issues

POLS 3200

Comparative Politics

POLS 3400

International Politics

POLS 3450

US Foreign Policy

POLS 3700

Bureaucratic Politics

POLS 3750

Public Policy Analysis

POLS 4115

Urban Politics

POLS 4165

African American Politics

POLS 4256

Political Economy of Japan

POLS 4285

Religion and Politics

POLS 4422

Studies in International Relations: NGOs and World Politics

POLS 4490

The Middle East in World Affairs

POLS 4540

Political Theory of Economic Justice

POLS 4570

American Political Thought


PSYC 3030

Principles and Methods of Psychological Investigation

PSYC 4620

Psychology of Women

Public Administration & Urban Studies

PAUS 3011

Introducing the City

PAUS 8091

Communication Skills for Public Leaders

Reading Education

EDRD 3490

Reading Methods for Middle Childhood Education

EDRD 3500

Assessment and Instruction of Middle Childhood Education

Real Estate

RE 4160

Investment Property Analysis and Appraisal

RE 4950

Urban Development Regulations

Religious Studies

RELS 3050

Introduction to Religious Studies

RELS 3950

Religion, Morality, and Film

RELS 4210

Spirituality in America

RELS 4260

Religion and Literature

RELS 4450

Modern Judaism

RELS 6450

Modern Judaism

Respiratory Therapy

RT 4075

Professional Practice of Respiratory Care

Social Work

SW 7300

Methods of Community Research


SOCI 3156

Sexuality and Society

SOCI 8010

Intermediate Social Statistics


SPCH 3210

Business and Professional Communication

SPCH 4250


SPCH 4450

Rhetorical Theory and Criticism


THEA 4650

American Musical Theatre

THEA 4760

Performance Theory and Practice

Black Feminist Thought

As of Fall 2009, the following WAC-approved courses have been selected by their departments to become CTW courses. They are no longer eligible for WAC writing consultants. For information on receiving CTW consultants for courses outside Arts and Sciences, click here.

African-American Studies






AAS 4120

African-American Political Thought

Art Education








AE 4200

Art for Preschool to 5th









BIOL 3800

Molecular and Cell Biology Lab

BIOL 3810

Molecular and Cell Biology Lab

Criminal Justice








CRJU 3020

Research Methods in Criminal Justice

CRJU 4930

Seminar in Criminal Justice

Early Childhood Education








ECE 3601

Reading and Language Arts in Early Childhood Education









ENGL 2140

Introduction to Literary Studies

ENGL 2150

Introduction to Advanced Rhetoric and Composition









GEOL 4006

Sedimentary Environments and Stratigraphy









HIST 3000

Introduction to Historical Studies









MGT 4510

Legal Environment of Human Resource Management









MKTG 4900

Marketing Problems









MUS 4820

Introduction to World Music

MUS 6820

Introduction to World Music









NURS 2080

Basic Concepts of Nursing Care









NUTR 4950

Nutrition Seminar for Seniors

Political Science








POLS 3680

Introduction to Political Research

POLS 3800

Introduction to Political Research

Social Work








SW 3340

Human Behavior in the Social Environment

SW 3930

Social Welfare Policy









SOCI 3020

Social Research Methods

SOCI 3030

Sociological Theory

SOCI 3201

Wealth Power and Inequity

SOCI 4116

Aging and Society









SPAN 4432

Spanish Novel of the 20th Century


THEA 4070

Western Theatre History

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