Writing Consultants

Writing Across the Curriculum Consultants work specifically with Writing Intensive courses as curriculum-based “attached” tutors for up to 8 hours per week.

Writing Consultant Responsibilities

Writing Consultant responsibilities include the following:

  1. Work with students’ writing in ways appropriate to the course
  2. Familiarize themselves with the course material
  3. Meet as necessary with course instructor
  4. Attend the WI class, if appropriate

The qualified graduate student (or advanced undergraduate) is a professional in training, one with good communication skills who wants to acquire additional expertise in working with student writing and curriculum in a specific disciplinary or general educational context. Please note: writing consultants are not hired to grade writing. Their role is to provide feedback to students and guide them through writing revision processes in order to improve student learning and writing.

Hiring and Training

Writing Consultants must be identified by their own department or a closely related department. The WAC program hires Writing Consultants once they have attended a WAC training workshop and been approved by the Program Director. Writing Consultants are paid directly through the WAC payroll.

  • Writing Consultant appointments are directly tied to approved WI courses, according to an ideal consultant/student ratio of 1/25.
  • Writing Consultants must attend a summer training workshop before their WI classes begin.
  • Each Writing Consultant will be paid as a GLA level III ($2000 per semester) .
  • The Writing Consultant position is considered one appointment, for the purposes of graduate student employment. (Graduate students have a two-and-one-half appointment limit.)
  • Writing Consultants who have not previously worked for the University must fill out employment forms before they can be hired officially. Contact the WAC office at 404.413.5824 or brennan@gsu.edu for more information.

To request a Writing Consultant, please click on the Writing Consultant Request Form link above.

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